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Discounted Access to the Norman Dorf Videos and the NALSA Study System for our AIAT Associate Members

Your AIA triangle has negotiated special rates for you as part of a new partnership.

Don't struggle trying to figure out how NCARB wants you to solve the Graphic Vignettes.  Professor Norman Dorf, one time NCARB ARE grader, offered a legendary 7 hour lecture series demystify the graphic portions of the ARE vignette by vignette.  These video lectures will give you the understanding and confidence you need to tackle any of the Vignettes.  Having access to the videos you need as you move the the ARE means that this knowledge will be fresh in your mind as you take each section.

Don't waste potential study time trying to guess what NCARB is looking for.  Don't waste time on exam day designing around requirements you would consider in real life...but that don't factor into the computer grading program.

Discounted Access for AIAT Associate Members!

YAF Triangle has partnered with NALSA to help you PASS THE ARE! They’re offering our members an exclusive subscription opportunity to get access to the entire suite of NALSA ARE study tools, at an incredible savings!

To learn more and subscribe, go to this link of the NALSA Site and log in using the following.

Login information:
User Name: firstnamelastname (for example: marysmith)
Password: YAF
You must be an AIAT Associate Member in good standing with dues paid, to secure these discounted rates.

The team at NALSA also provides FREE one-on-one support throughout your journey and can answer your questions about the ARE, their study tools, or anything else. If you have any questions you can contact them at 800-411-7314 or support@nalsa.com

Check out all the info, and subscribe!