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Past Workshops

Patrick Rand - Building Design & Construction Systems Workshop
This is a strategic study session.  Participants in this workshop will receive practice exams to prior to the workshop to help them determine areas of weaknesses in their understanding of the material.  Additional practice exams will be integrated into the workshop.  It will end in a questions & answer session with Professor Rand, FAIA.  *** Practice questions will be emailed prior to the session, please complete and return them as directed to allow us to customize the workshop.

September 5, 2015   |    1pm-5pm   |   Cost: $50 ($85 non-AIA members)

David Thaddeus - Structural Systems
This seminar is an intense but entertaining 30 hours of class time spread over a three-day weekend. Professor Thaddeus is a highly animated lecturer who integrates digital and physical models to thoroughly illustrate important concepts. The material covered is technical and candidates should review ARE study material before the sessions so that they insure they get the most out of their time with Professor Thaddeus.  Many people credit him as the reason they were able to pass the structural component of the ARE.  Handouts and 3 lunches included.

August 21st - 23rd, 2015    |    8am-6pm    |    Cost: $325 ($390 non-AIA members)

Michael Ermann - Environmental Systems
The three-day course, prepared for those intending to take the ARE Building Systems section, was comprehensive and meant to replace study for the exam.  With some review, most participants felt ready to take the exam within two weeks of the course. In addition to base content, the program included a session dedicated to practicing the vignette.  Michael Ermann was an engaging speaker and a skilled teacher who used photos, stories, videos, and even physical demonstrations of building components.  He is extremely knowledgeable about the material and is the author of one of the leading study BDCS resources, the Amber Book.  Additional Information. 3 Lunches and a physical copy of Amberbook were included.

June 19th - 21st, 2015    |   8am-5pm   |   Cost: $295 ($360 non-AIA members)

AIA Contracts/Document Review
Participants walked through the AIA documents with architect and lawyer, Kelli Goss, specializing in construction contract law.  She covered the principles and reasoning behind the documents with insightful stories.  People arrived having listened to the Hanna Sheridan Lectures and came with questions. Topics covered: AIA documents (A201, B101, C401, A101, A701, G701,  G702, G704, G714 and others), change orders, bonds, insurance, payment methods, deliver methods and more. Ms. Goss practices in construction law and U.S. & N.C. government contracts and is also a North Carolina licensed architect.  She is Chair of the North Carolina Bar Association Construction Law Section Design Professionals Liaison Committee.  

April 11th, 2015    |   noon - 5:30pm    |    Cost: $20 ($50 non-AIA members)

Graphic Vignette Workshop
Participants viewed the Norman Dorf tutorial on the NCARB vignette software.  Recent ARE test takers were available to share helpful hints on how to efficiently draft using the software. Then attendees broke up into groups and worked on the practice vignettes which had been giving them a hard time. 

February 28th, 2015   |    1pm-5pm   |   Cost: $5 ($15 non-AIA members)

Michael Daly - ARE Guru - Kick-off Event 7 Resource Share
Michael gives talks up and down the east cost, sharing resources and strategies that people need to most efficiently study and pass their ARE's.  He covered how to qualify for and begin taking the tests.  Mike also answered individual questions people had about where they were in the process. Participants left the session with a disk full of resources that are not easily available to find.

January 17, 2015 |   2pm-4:30pm   |   Cost: Covered by AIAT