YAF Triangle

Emerging Professionals

The Triangle Young Architects Forum | Emerging Professionals is a subcommittee of the American Institute of Architects Triangle Chapter. The organization focuses on the professional and personal development of interns and young architects in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill region of North Carolina. We strive to aid young architects in the transition from graduation to licensure and beyond. 


YAF Triangle is here to help with your ARE prep. We offer workshops, discounts for study materials, and more!



Our Advice

We recommend the following exam order:
SD  |  Site  |  PPP  |  CDS  |  BS  |  SS  |  BDCS

Overlapping certain exams is highly recommended:
Consider overlapping Site, PPP & CDS
Also group BDCS with SS

links to ARE Resources


- free downloadable versions of AIA documents referred in ARE's. Click Here

- free links to the Schiff Hardin Lectures. Click Here

email us at yaftriangle@gmail.com for more PDF's of study outlines and links to other free resources.